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Client Q&A: GFI Group (GFIG NYSE)

The Short Story:

“We gave Gillies Brand Communication the job of improving communication for our oldest brand, GFI FENICS. Dave was quick to assimilate information on our very specialized business and customers, bringing a fresh energy, perspective and insight to our brand communication strategy. He and his team helped us re-invigorate our brand giving it a more dynamic, confident image; a personality, voice and message more relevant to our current and prospective customers. It was Dave’s interest, vision and passion that drove the work. I counted on him to sell the new campaign to GFI management and key stakeholders overseas.  He did.  I asked him to re-produce his ‘sell-in’presentation for our offices around the world. The resulting multi-media presentation (now reflected on our web site) helped re-energize the world-wide marketing and sales of an upgraded and re-branded FENICS, re-establishing the Brand’s leadership platform.”

- Helena Jarabakova, Global Head of Marketing, GFI Group Inc.



Q&A with Helena Jarabakova

Are you pleased with the results?
“Thanks to our great working partnership, our brand story is today, stronger, more relevant and engaging. Why? Because now more than ever it’s clear the hero of our brand story is our customer.”

Would you say this is a strong partnership?
“I met Dave in the fall of 2009. GFI’s relationship with Gillies Brand Communications. is now in its second year. During this time, we’ve drawn on the council and services of GBC for several brands and products in various asset classes including; Forex, Global Market Data, and Fixed Income Credit. Dave’s firm has continued to satisfy our needs in everything from brand identity (positioning, logo, tagline and graphic standards) to print and web banner advertising, multi-media trade and sales presentations, brochure, web, and other copy needs. Our Branding and multi-channel messaging is integrated and consistent. And, new work is presented in a strategic context that facilitates buy-in from other corporate offices and stake holders.”   

Do you see a long term relationship here?
“GFI is a global company, a world class organization with world-wide partners and resources.  Yet, with all our resources, we are most distinguished by and valued for, our experience, our insight and our single-minded mission to provide our customers the best in customized solutions. It’s that shared mindset which, for the foreseeable future, binds us. My GFI colleagues and I work with top PR firms and advertising agencies. Whenever we question that customer relevance or want to better develop or clarify our brand strategy, our core message or advertising, we bring in Dave (Gillies Brand Communications). His strategic and creative insights, passion and highly collaborative nature make him an important and very welcome contributor to my team and our continued success.”